From Star Wars to the Fallout series, cowboys and science fiction go hand and hand like peanut butter and jelly, we have all fantasized about being a lone cowboy in space… or maybe it is just us. Well, this is airsoft and anything is possible, if you like us and have this fever dream, the G&G LevAR Gas Powered Lever Action Airsoft Rifle is something you need!

The G&G LevAR as the name suggests is a lever action airsoft rifle that combines an AR upper receiver, this airsoft lever action rifle is the quintessential airsoft gun that mixes classic lever action with modern aesthetics and modularity. In its stock form, the LevAR has an M-Lok handguard with a monolithic Picatinny top rail, allowing you to attach any type of lights, lasers, grips, optics, and whatever other tactical accessories that you can think of. Other modern features it has it that it has an ambidextrous magazine release and it comes with a short 32-round low-cap magazine and it is compatible with any standard M4 / AR 15 series AEG magazines, yes, you can fit your drum mag on this.

Although this airsoft lever gun has many cool features, and in its stock form is already probably the best and most fieldable lever action airsoft rifle you could buy in the market, it is also highly customizable, as G&G stated that it can take any G&G AR15 / M4 series electric airsoft rifle’s upper receiver. That being said, since most G&G M4 / AR-15 series AEG upper receivers are standard AEG spec, theoretically, it could take other AEG upper receivers as well, and we will probably see a lot of wild customizations done in the community in the near future. Adding on the customization options is that it has a Picatinny railed stock end plate, meaning the stock is removable or it can be swapped to whatever you like.

Finally, the G&G LevAR airsoft rifle is green gas-powered and has an internal gas reservoir, since there is no blowback in this system, the LevAR is super gas-efficient.

Replica TypeRIFLE
Capacity (rds)32
Power (fps)350
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeLever Action
Net Weight (kg)3.23
Length (mm)1020.0
Barrel Thread TypeCCW
Content IncludedG&G LevAR 15 inch Gas Powered Lever Action Rifle

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