Potential New Level Of Scam

the domain is registered on 2021-06-15

Found by members on 2021-07-21

Maybe u found this article by searching 62underarea.com.
Im not sure about the credibility of the website.

but as I know creating a website isn’t that hard. No permit or license is needed to build a new website. Thus, we need to think twice before any purchasing.

Source: https://62underarea.com/goods.php?id=105

according to this link
u can see there is a comment on 2020-08-17
it seems all these comment is too fake to be true.
PS. or maybe they deleted after seeing this page.

But still we cant judge anything with this only, Lets see their product.

Source: https://62underarea.com/goods.php?id=169

Source: https://ast-gun.airsofttaiwan.com/index.php?route=product/product&category_id=99&product_id=1490
The source of photo seems to be from Taiwan website.

Source: https://ast-gun.airsofttaiwan.com/index.php?route=information/contact

So u can always contact via email to the Taiwan website as shown above to check is there any Authorized Seller in Malaysia. If they did reply and direct u to 62underarea.com, then u can buy safely and relax.

PS. Till now I cant judge anything, because I’m still waiting the reply from Taiwan there on this step.

Thanks for reading my view about the website.

Anyway feel free to update us in our telegram group if u got more information about this too.

*NEW UPDATE 4/8/2021
Scammer confirmed by members in the group.
Purchased but no parcel received and no news after that for weeks.

*NEW UPDATE 28/8/2021
The website is closed and more active in facebook.
previous member who bought still not getting any parcel yet.

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