AR JayaSenapan aka Abdul Rahmat Sport

#update on the new facebook page link with same recipe

New potential scammer so called selling airgun with amazingly cheap price, its way cheaper than buying from US i.e
1k+ usd in US but in Malaysia is selling at just RM900, if i dint google and found out that that FX airgun is from Sweden, i will believe that fx airgun is from Malaysia 🙂

this is by member who share in our group on 19th November, with about 390 members in it

at 11st December, it spike up to nearly 900 members, isnt it very unbelieveable
How on earth that much of members joining the group despite i cant find any information about this AR jayasport via google.

Maybe this is the reason the increasing number of member in telegram whereas the number of follower on facebook is just about 100 people.

this is the image of the shop shared by the seller when someone is asking for the shop location

Again, i cant find the shop using the location stated at the signboard. Maybe google server is down.

Next, according to the number the seller shared in the group, we are directed to phone seller

they have super sales on iphone too, with buy 1 free 1 promo.

as we track with the numbers, it have 5 reports, this indicate that this phone number at least scammed 5 victim.

seems telegram chat deleted msg can be found via this website, as we can see from the highlighted msg some clue to conclude that he is scammer maybe

New Update on 7th FEB

this is the profile of the telegram group owner+seller

this seems to be inner look of “his shop”

this is his phone scamming project that we discussed previously

this seems to selling gold accessory
according to the instagram name, i found this

The most interesting is the amount of report have been done by victim

Anyway u can check this link for the news happened, with just 1st quarter, it already scammed nearly 250k.
i cant really imagine the rest of the year.

Lastly, we must stay alert and be a smart consumer, dont get baited by super discount and unbelievable price offered by the seller, cheap stuff is good, but if the price is way cheaper than u can get from the market, think twice and do more research before proceed. Hope this help in minimize the number of victim.