Join the airsoft committee with Malaysia Airsoft Club

Welcome to Malaysia airsoft club. The club does not sell firearms. This is the first and most unique club that indulge your passion on replica gun. Airsoft is always better with a large group. It’s always a great way to meet new peoples and have lots of fun together. The committee of the club are consists of guys and girls, young and old. They are very friendly and willing to share the knowledgeable about airsoft gun. We would be happy if you join us.

What is Airsoft ?

Airsoft is only for recreational purpose with growing in popularity all over the world. Airsoft games offer strategy game for everyone. It is essentially a large tag game and shoot the players of opposing team. The concept is almost similar to paintball. Airsoft can incorporates with many type of gameplay which fall into four categories such as Skirmish, close quarters batttle, Military simulator and themed games.


Safety is every person’s responsibility.

The pellet are plastic or biodegradable materials which are less penetrative as compare with the conventional. Still, proper protective gear especially eyeware must be worn before any shooting activities to prevent hurting everyone. These activities must be done on a very huge free space with shooting target sticked on an airsoft pellet catcher to prevent any damage of environment and facilities.

DIY Pellet catcher
  • This group for knowledge sharing purposes.
  • We dont offer COD for any purchase.
  • Direct PM me for any info regarding to airsoft.
  • Never make any deals with members for your safety.
  • Any personal sales will need permission of the admin.