Carousell COD Scammer Tactic

Disclaimer, this doesnt mean all carousell seller is scammer.

As we know that creating an account at carousell is not that hard, everyone can do so. the platform itself is good especially for our secondhand stuff, it another way of recycle by turning them into some cash. However, some will misuse it and treat this as opportunity to get some benefit from this platform.

Lets begin our story with this scammer, khrlazr, who joined carousell for more than 5 years which seems to be trusted.

from the conversation above, he is still good and seems to be serious buyer too and wanted COD.

when this scammer reach the meeting point, some unexpected things happened as this scammer claimed to be a police and snatch all the blaster. Pity the victim which go back with empty hands, so after the victim back to home, he started to search this scammer identity and some research before contact me.

according to the victim, he found out that he is not the only victim. there is a team of scammers who actively take others blaster and airsoft with the identity of police. the photo below is the face of the scammer and the police identity card that he showed.

the main purpose of this post is to increase public awareness on these scamming activities that might be around every each of us. So we must be careful and stay safe too.

according to some police, this police identity card is no longer be use since 2000.

During this pandemic, I’m totally understand that a lot of citizen lose their job, so some of them will think of being a scammer for fast cash too which is unethical. the number of scammer is keep on increasing, so we need to be careful and rational on each purchasing too.

thats all for today.

anyway you are welcome to share with me about the experience of being scammed, I’m sorry that i cant help much in getting back your money, but we will try our best to share to others so that the same trick wont get us anymore.

and if im sharing any inaccurate information please update me via telegram or whatsapp below.

lastly, thanks for spending few mins to read this and wish u have a nice day.