*We do not not hold any responsibility of the post. This is the feedback and review from our member.
*If u are the seller/ holder of the account, please kindly approach us and clarify. If u are a real seller we will remove it.

**Our intention of making this group is to make this society free of scammer.

How to identify scammer seller and black pol!ce?

  1. Ask deposit for items that will never get shipped.
  2. Illogical low pricing for new item, the price can’t even make item pass thru custom Malaysia.
  3. Sell second hand product and make many promise
  4. Easy to negotiate price and freebies or shipping time during chat
  5. Take deposit then refund scam
  6. Can COD but want deposit and then block u after that.
  7. COD but turn out it’s pol!ce trap and bribe kopi duit in the end
  8. May tell you what stock also got and all can sell just to cheat your deposit (hard earned money)
  9. Some seller on shopee can be scammer too, and you can’t report to any authorities.
  10. Some scammer wannabe join biggest group/platform in malaysia like us to steal member or pm member personally to deal.

1st candidate, Rothchild aka Muhammad Faisal

This is the scammer with his bank acc which still active in scamming our hard earn money.

Welcome our 2nd candidate, wong, which still active in wechat and looking for next victim.

As we can see from this photo, there are lots of photo of some maybe real buyer, but lately we heard lots of member being scam, maybe desperate of money or somehow he cant get himself a good meal. This will getting worst as right now after MCO, he/she will looking for more victim for some money. Nice try dude, get a life.

Well, we still got our 3rd candidate, shl_motoparts or maybe they changed name, even though looks like convincing as they promote their gun in Shopee, a well known platform for purchasing ur needs. However guys, do u know that actually the shopee is banned these gun-like stuff selling in their platform? What if they just send u just a box without anything in it? u cant make report as it is illegal in the open market! as we can see the price, nice price right, actually its too good to be true dude, i think only the box worth this price. So we should think wisely as a rational consumer.

the bb and the green gas already more than the listed price. so what do u guys think, be a intelligence consumer and think twice before trusting a non popular seller.

Now its for our 4th scammer, eventhough he seems dint scam anyone yet. But he came in our group but told us about being scam and look like a victim, but sadly he dint tell more information and the prove. It is okey until he said in the group that he order the airsoft, and received in a same day. Isn’t it weird? any thought came into ur mind? Well after that, he keep on promoting a seller in carousell in the group before leaving the group. This making most of our group member curious and wonder is he the seller itself from the carousell. Carousell itself din’t did any wrong, just the those who abusing the platform for their selfishness. Hope you guys know that actually carousell just a platform and dont have and responsibility of u get scammed. They just provide platform thats all. So guys, think twice and be a rational consumer.

Last for now but not least, our 5th candidate, Mr Tactical player, the owner of this telegram group called Kembara Rimba. The photo below is from our precious group member.

According to few of our fellow members, he did message our member privately, PM to invite them to his group as shown below.
Once they enter, he tried to convince them that the stuff he selling is way cheaper. But guys, this is what we call advance scammer, they will lure u all by selling some real stuff to part of the member and they will scam all in once as they will giving out illogical low price stuff. next… pooffff… no more next…. u can no longer find this person and your hard earn money.
Imagine guys, if he really a dealer, why did he bother coming to our group and trying to get more customer? I will let you all to think of the answer.