HI-CAPA 5.1 is a tactical custom edition of the famous pistol from Tokyo Marui. Tokyo Marui needs not introductions. It is a class of its own when it comes to product quality. Despite the fact that the replica was made from polymer and only manipulators and mechanisms are metal – one does not have to doubt its durability – it is very high thanks to precise design.

Thanks to a comfortable, anti-slip grip, the pistol replica ideally fits in the user’s hand. Similarly to the live firearm version, the replica has a vertically and horizontally adjustable rear sight. The entirety was made from a synthetic polymer known for its durability, used in Tokyo Marui replicas. The only exceptions are the iron sights and all manipulator buttons, such as the safety, magazine release button or slide lock.

The replica features Blow Back recoil system. It causes the slide to be moved backwards after each shot and once the last round has left the replica, the slide remains in the retracted position. Once a new, full magazine has been inserted, one must release the slide lock – as is the case in the live firearm original. 

Polymer slide features notches that make reloading easier. Double-sided, winged safety makes using the replica easier for left-handed users.

The set includes a RIS mounting rail that enables the attachment of a tactical flashlight or a laser sight – attachment points are made independently by the user according to instructions provided.

Length : 222mm

Barrel Length: ~112mm

Blow Back: YES

Hop-up : Adjustable

Shooting Mode: Semi-Automatic

Magazine Capacity: 31 rds

Bullet Type : 6mm BB

Pistol Power Source: HFC134a Gas (recommended)