ifle Chassis:
●Highly reinforced nylon fiber material, strong & light weight, only 890g with full chassis.
●Ultra compact size that is easy to carry, only 72.5cm in length (VSR-303mm inner barrel) when folded.
●4 QD-sling mounts, 2 on each side.
●Strong folding hinge & autolock mechanism design, can be reversed to right or left for any shooter.
●Cheek riser can be adjusted up/down or left/right, help user to focus & aim on the scope.●M-LOK rail system interface
●Butt Pad length can be adjusted 68~71cm with spacers.
●With “P.S.G” Precision Sniper Grip, the finger bump can support index finger, use finger tip to control the trigger.
●Extra space can store small item or backup battery in the grip.
●More accessory like “Backup Mag Carrier” or “Skeleton Buffer Tube” can be installed.
●Cell phone scan the QR-code to get user’s manual PDF file in the package.
※(The rifle scope, bipod or other accessory only for display, NOT included in the package.)※

Trigger Group:
●New CNC “Hen Li Hai” Zero Trigger with 90 degree piston sear, reliable & durable.
●With bolt handle safety function, the handle need to close correctly to shoot to avoid the accident.※The bolt handle safety function ONLY works with Maple Leaf QD-receiver and bolt handle.
●Adjustable trigger pull & trigger stoke, the bearing design make the smooth & light trigger pull (Do not over turn the trigger for the safe)

●All New Quick-release Cylinder & Receiver system with Piston Cocking/Loading indicator, user can press the indicator to drop down the spring guide pin and remove( or install) the bolt quickly
●The Piston Cocking/Loading Indicator will “Rise up” to show the piston is cocked or not.
●Zero Friction design, easy to pull & push the cylinder(bolt)
●New enlarged bolt handle

Hop Chamber/Outer Barrel:
●Multi-purpose adjust mode for most upgrade VSR/GBB hop rubber.
●Dual hop-up adjustment design:Standard slide adjusted or TDC(Top Dead Center) adjusted.
●G-spec.ver(with VSR-303mm inner barrel), the actual velocity is depend on local airsoft law.
●”Vortex” twisted outer barrel with one “Whisper” barrel spacer inside.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02WmzD76P2vCMaqt4KGwxS2F4vfkmxam1wXbp1eseqtVbjDx8qD3wJaCLAqfqCCAwfl&id=100057872220649