Introducing the G&G Guaiguai SGR556 SG556 AEG Electric Gun, a cutting-edge airsoft rifle that boasts an array of advanced features and a brand-new G3 system. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this airsoft gun offers a formidable combination of performance and durability. Designed to excel in the field, the G&G Guaiguai SGR556 delivers an unmatched shooting experience for airsoft enthusiasts of all levels.


  • Muzzle velocity of 105±10m/s for both power and accuracy.
  • Full metal upper and lower frame, paired with an aluminum alloy M-Lok System 11.5″ Handguard and metal flash hider for ruggedness and reliability.
  • Integrated bow guard design and QD quick-release strap button holes for enhanced comfort and usability.
  • 416-type motor grip and enlarged beaver tail ensure a firm and ergonomic grip.
  • Bi-lateral fire selector and magazine discharge button for seamless transitions between shooting modes.
  • Simulation handle design and bolt release button add to the realistic feel.
  • New front-adjustable gas conduit Hop seat with 36 adjustable segments for precise BB trajectory control.
  • No need for a special magazine, thanks to the detent function that allows continuous shooting.
  • Larger battery M4 stock for extended playtime on the field.
  • Detachable folding front and rear sights for different shooting preferences.
  • 14mm CCW muzzle to equip silencers or light emitters for customization.
  • Split gear box for quick-draw precision tubes and quick-change springs, enhancing adaptability.
  • Manual or remote control shooting mode, customizable trigger stroke, and other adjustable settings for versatility.
  • Made from durable metal, composite, and copper materials.
  • Equipped with a strong magnetic long axis motor, providing reliable performance.
  • Gearbox bearing: G2 8mm ball bearing.
  • Inner tube size: 330mm.
  • Magazine capacity: 120 rounds silent magazine.
  • Overall length: 796.3mm (without the stock).
  • Weight: 2673.8g.
  • Electronic trigger and chip integration for advanced features.
  • A versatile and powerful airsoft rifle suitable for players of all levels.

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