Introducing the G&G Guaiguai SSG-1 Electronic Trigger AEG Electric Gun, a true exemplar of precision and innovation in the realm of airsoft weaponry. Crafted with a meticulous blend of sturdy plastic and lightweight aluminum components, this airsoft rifle stands as a testament to G&G’s commitment to both durability and performance. Bolstered by a formidable Strong Magnetic Long Shaft Motor operating at an impressive 25000rpm, and supported by the seamless operation of 8mm ball bearings within its gearbox, the Guaiguai SSG-1 assures a seamless blend of power, accuracy, and reliability on the field. With its carefully optimized 233mm inner tube length, generous 105-round magazine capacity, and a balanced overall length of 701mm, this rifle strikes an equilibrium between precision and maneuverability. Moreover, the incorporation of an advanced electronic trigger system and an integrated chip elevates the G&G Guaiguai SSG-1 to a new echelon of performance, offering responsive firing and customizable features. With every detail meticulously engineered, the G&G Guaiguai SSG-1 stands as a testament to G&G’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, making it a compelling choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking a versatile and powerful addition to their arsenal.

  • Material: A combination of durable plastic and aluminum components ensures a lightweight yet robust build, striking an ideal balance between strength and maneuverability.
  • Motor: Empowered by a robust Strong Magnetic Long Shaft Motor with a remarkable 25000rpm speed, the G&G Guaiguai SSG-1 guarantees swift and potent performance on the airsoft battlefield.
  • Gearbox Bearings: The presence of 8mm ball bearings within the gearbox translates to exceptionally smooth operation, enhancing the airsoft gun’s efficiency and accuracy during rapid firing.
  • Inner Tube Length: With an inner tube length measuring 233mm, this airsoft rifle demonstrates optimal barrel length for precise shots across varying distances.
  • Magazine: Sporting a generous 105-round magazine capacity, the G&G Guaiguai SSG-1 ensures sustained fire during intense engagements, minimizing the need for frequent reloads.
  • Overall Length: Measuring at a balanced 701mm, the airsoft gun’s overall length strikes a harmonious equilibrium between maneuverability and stability, making it adaptable to diverse scenarios.
  • Weight: Weighing 2015g, the G&G Guaiguai SSG-1 offers manageable handling without compromising its robustness, contributing to fatigue-free gameplay.
  • Electronic Trigger: Equipped with an advanced electronic trigger system, this airsoft rifle boasts rapid and responsive firing, providing players with a competitive edge in fast-paced situations.
  • Chip: The integration of an advanced chip enhances the airsoft gun’s performance, ushering in a realm of customizable features and settings for an optimized and tailored shooting experience.

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